Thursday, January 5, 2017

All About Neenah:

My Name is Neenah. I'm a writer. I've written for years. Filling notebooks full of stories. Some of my first stories were about Leah and her family. 
I was born in Lafayette, IN on September 25, 1996, becoming the second daughter of Brian and Carlene. I have two sisters and one brother. (My sister also has a blog, and she's the one who made this blog, but check out her's here) 
Right now I live at home, and I'm currently working at Flour Mill Bakery and going to school for a degree in Early Childhood education. :) 

I started my first mystery book around 10 or 11, but I had wrote a book around age nine but never finished it. Before I was 10, I would draw princess and write short stories about them, and the only way I know that is cause my mom still has them :) 

Some times my Family calls me Nee nee or "the N's" (cause my brother's name also starts with an N) 

I'm hoping to continue writing and to be able to sell my book and others that I may write ;) 

It's a great way to start the new year! :) 

First Post


This Blog is for Neenah Lewis and all about her books.

As a Christmas Gift, I published her latest book.  ( You can read the first 20 pages and buy it Here) It's a great book! and I'm not just saying that cause i'm her sister :) lol

Anyways I published this for her, and then bought it myself. Then I gave it to her for Christmas! She was soo surprised! I was going to record her reaction but i forgot.

Anyways, You're going to want to buy this book :) It's great! and It's only $10.99!!